Vintage Industrial Chic!


Photo courtesy of Vintage Industrial Furniture

Photo courtesy of Raw Dice

Photo Courtesy of Handmade Charlotte

Our obsession with vintage looks like it’s here to stay, however the industrial look is great for those of you who can’t quite commit to the floral chintz.  The look often incorporates metal, stone and wood and has the benefit of looking fantastic in both traditional and urban settings.  A table made out of reclaimed wood coupled with metal chairs will make a great impact in the kitchen or dining room, whilst being incredibly practical.  Tolix chairs can be pricey however there are some great reproductions out there.  It just requires a bit of searching.  Mismatched wooden chairs work just as well but remember to keep them simple. The best bit about this look is that nothing needs to look perfect.  Using items for other than their intended purpose is an easy and fun way to create the look.  Tin cans can hold plants or flowers.  Old trunks can double up as coffee tables, vegetable crates can be used for storing just about anything….you get the idea.  White painted floorboards and exposed brickwork create the perfect backdrop whilst simple light fittings such as our Scandinavian designed Diamond Lights  are just the ticket.  Anglepoise and tripod floor lamps look great and can be found in lots of homeware shops, however vintage finds will give you the one off individual edge.  Try The Junk Shop in Greenwich and a visit to Crystal Palace Antiques and Modern will amaze you with their choice and expertise – you never know what you will find.

I’m so excited about the upcoming Modern Show at Dulwich College on 18th March.  This is such a treat for fans of vintage and retro with the clean lines of Mid Century Modern as the main focus. Perfect for the Industrial look!

See you soon