Micro Scooters

We have just had our first delivery of neon micro scooters and they are super cool!

We’ve stocked the pink and blue micro scooters for a whiIe now and have to say that these neon ones bring such a sense of zest to the shop – perfect for Spring and Summer.

I cannot praise these little scooters enough, or maybe I should say I cannot praise the creators enough.  I have so much admiration for people who come up with an idea or invention and it takes off.  I had a customer come into the shop this week  and tell me about a book called ‘The Tipping Point’.  She explained that it was great for reading about past inventions which start off as simple ideas and all of a sudden they just take off on a grand scale.  I’ve often wondered about how that happens.  At the shop we are lucky enough to stock some lovely things from local creators who make things as good as some of the big names out there but they struggle to be seen or gain recognition.  I will be looking out for this book as it sounds so interesting.  The creators of micro scooters must have had a tipping point.  These scooters are everywhere and they make journeys out with small children so much easier.  There comes a point where little ones want the freedom of riding but a bike is just a bit too slow at the beginning.  The micro scooter requires just a few minutes practice and before you know it you’ll have a super fast kid on your hands.  True it can be nerve wrecking when they go a bit too fast but somehow they manage to control the scooter very well and very quickly.  It’s quite a different riding experience to ‘normal’ scooters with two wheels at the front and one at the back and the unique suspension. Somehow they just get it.

Unfortunately we’re not authorised to sell them online, so pop by the shop if you’d like to see one.

See you soon


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