Dandy Star Lights

New additions to the shop are these super cool light boxes by Dandy Star featuring the words ‘Magic’ and ‘Star’  I love the fresh, modern feel to these lights and they would make the perfect addition to any bedroom – whatever the style! There’s not many lights that can do that.

We’ve luckily managed to get a small number to sell on the website and they’re available to purchase HERE

If you have any questions or enquiries regarding these lights or anything else on the website or blog, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Bye for now


Addicted to Lights

Whilst looking for new suppliers in Denmark, I also discovered something about me…I am obsessed with lights and cushions, but especially lights.  We went to Copenhagan for a day and visited a department store there and this is what we saw…

How about you?..what household item are you obsessed with?

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