Little Pop Studio

Have you heard of Little Pop Studio?  I only heard of them late last year and immediately knew I had to have their batman watercolour prints for the website. We also happen to be their first UK stockist and we are kind of proud of that title!

I found them via my current favourite social media platform – Instagram I love when I find a gem and just a couple of months later it makes it to my shop. Little Pop Studio is the brainchild of Bianca Acke, a New Zealander and very talented artist who creates these prints. There is definitely a trend for batman/superheros at the moment and these are such a cool take on them.

What do you think? Cool or what! Perfect for any superhero fan whether little or big.  Now available for purchase HERE

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A Most Curious Kids Fair

Just in time for Christmas and for a cool shopping experience, Home & Kids will be taking part in all three ‘A Most Curious Kids Fair’. So if you’re in Brighton, Norwich or London, come and see us and loads of other design led exhibitors of all things stylish, beautiful and cool for kids. Exhibitors include Polarn O. Pyret, Beau Loves, Little Titans, Rosie Wonders and Cissy Wears, amongst many, many others!

Although Becky Hoh and Gemma Goodwin are the brains behind the ‘A Most Curious Wedding Fairs’ which specialises in everything cool, quirky and vintage for weddings, they first launched ‘A Most Curious Baby Fair’ in Norwich this past Summer and we were lucky enough to exhibit there and we got such a great response. The people of Norwich seemed to really get what Home & Kids were about and we can’t wait to go back…not least because it’s beautiful there anyway.

From the baby fair, a slightly more grown up ‘A Most Curious Kids Fair’ has been born and this time it promises to be bigger, better and well….just come along and see for yourself! We promise you’ll find something special…

See you soon




Styling For Kids…

This morning was spent having a long overdue but lovely catch up with my old friend Bettina who some of you may remember I ran Love Me Again with. Well it turns out, she’s been a very busy lady. I have long known her amazing talent for making beautiful scenes in her stylists profession, but this past year has seen her really come into her own and do what she has wanted to do for a very long time – style for kids photo shoots. Check out her latest work, it’s truly stunning.

These images were used on How To Kiss A Frog Stockholm

Aren’t they gorgeous?

I am always so impressed when someone can make something look magical, whether it be a stylist, photographer or designer. They make otherwise ordinary things stand out and scream ‘look at me’.

Watch this space for some collaborations with Bettina in the future!

See you soon


Norton Anti Virus and London Zoo

I know the title is a bit random, however I was invited along to visit London Zoo by Norton, the people behind the anti virus systems most of us have heard of.  If you haven’t, try and take the time to read more HERE

Parental controls management lets you easily access, set up and run Norton Online Family right from within your Norton Control Center.

I took my kids along and we were treated to a guided tour around the zoo, followed by a very yucky but interesting talk about insects, not your average insects mind you – big ones, fat ones and slimy ones with the opportunity to TOUCH them!!!  Well I didn’t but I did manage to stand really close to them.  My kids weren’t much braver but I can’t say I blamed them.

The purpose of this event was to get a forum going amongst parents about online safety. As a mother of 4 children who are very computer/i-pad/phone/blackberry savvy, what they have and don’t have access to is very important to me.  I hear horror stories of children seeing really inappropriate things and the scary thing is that most of the time, parents are none the wiser.  Children seem to be in a bubble of complete privacy, especially as they get older and with the click of a cross on the screen, what they were looking at can be gone as they see mum or dad approaching.

At the talk, which was also attended by journalists and their children, we were told the importance of online protection as children are becoming more savvy than adults and at increasingly young ages.  My older two are 12 and 11 and are prime examples of girls who’s thumbs work quicker than the speed of sound when using their blackberrys.  They know so much, technology wise but fortunately my husband is an IT guru and he’s ahead of them and has many blocks and announcements to his own emails if anything inappropriate is sent to or from them and even searched for.  I know this may seem extreme, however they are still young, no matter how mature they think they are and until they’re old enough, we have to be in control of what goes on as much as possible.

What brought this home to me more was when the Norton representatives explained that we wouldn’t let our children meet people or go out without us knowing exact details and we should treat online interactions in the same way.

My girls were probably the oldest children there and were asked by Norton what technology they have access to and they were more than happy to offer their knowledge to the onlooking adults. They are also taught alot  in school about online dangers. Lots of wows (in a shocked way) were heard in the room as they freely offered snippets of information.  Some of the adults there had no idea of what goes on in the world of online and some parents were quite vocal on what they would never let their children do or access on the internet.  In my mind I was thinking – wait until they reach 10!

In an age where there are many community websites geared towards kids, we have to arm our children with the knowledge and awareness to protect themselves online, because unfortunately, although Norton can help with inappropriate material reaching our computer systems, they can’t help with who can access these sites.

So although for the most part it’s ok and fine and nothing untoward is going on, we do need to be aware to protect our children.

Micro Scooters

We have just had our first delivery of neon micro scooters and they are super cool!

We’ve stocked the pink and blue micro scooters for a whiIe now and have to say that these neon ones bring such a sense of zest to the shop – perfect for Spring and Summer.

I cannot praise these little scooters enough, or maybe I should say I cannot praise the creators enough.  I have so much admiration for people who come up with an idea or invention and it takes off.  I had a customer come into the shop this week  and tell me about a book called ‘The Tipping Point’.  She explained that it was great for reading about past inventions which start off as simple ideas and all of a sudden they just take off on a grand scale.  I’ve often wondered about how that happens.  At the shop we are lucky enough to stock some lovely things from local creators who make things as good as some of the big names out there but they struggle to be seen or gain recognition.  I will be looking out for this book as it sounds so interesting.  The creators of micro scooters must have had a tipping point.  These scooters are everywhere and they make journeys out with small children so much easier.  There comes a point where little ones want the freedom of riding but a bike is just a bit too slow at the beginning.  The micro scooter requires just a few minutes practice and before you know it you’ll have a super fast kid on your hands.  True it can be nerve wrecking when they go a bit too fast but somehow they manage to control the scooter very well and very quickly.  It’s quite a different riding experience to ‘normal’ scooters with two wheels at the front and one at the back and the unique suspension. Somehow they just get it.

Unfortunately we’re not authorised to sell them online, so pop by the shop if you’d like to see one.

See you soon


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