The sun we are experiencing in the UK is so welcome. It’s the promise of sunny days, balmy nights and the sights and smells of of summer holidays.

Rose Gold Flamingo

Rose Gold Flamingo

One brand that just exudes the good life is Sunnylife, hailing from the land of sun itself, Australia. We see their pictures all over social media and want to be transported right into the image. Whether it’s beaches, pools or BBQ’s, they nail exactly what we want from our Summers.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris on the Swan Float


In 2015 we saw the now iconic pictures of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris having fun in the pool, sitting on a gigantic inflatable swan.  The pictures went viral, leaving everyone wondering where the swan was from. Where could we buy one? Whilst we are not absolutely sure where that particular swan came from,  luckily for us, Sunnylife have a wide selection of floats including one similar to the one sported by Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris.  Along with their original swan –  the flamingo, cactus, rainbow, and many many more inflatables have joined the team.

Cactus Float

Cactus Float

As well as the inflatables, we also have a selection of products for picnics, outdoor dining in our shop and online to get you in the mood for the sunny days ahead.

Cocktail Kit

Cocktail Kit

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Dandy Star Lights

New additions to the shop are these super cool light boxes by Dandy Star featuring the words ‘Magic’ and ‘Star’  I love the fresh, modern feel to these lights and they would make the perfect addition to any bedroom – whatever the style! There’s not many lights that can do that.

We’ve luckily managed to get a small number to sell on the website and they’re available to purchase HERE

If you have any questions or enquiries regarding these lights or anything else on the website or blog, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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Compagnie de Provence

Compagnie de Provence are our latest addition to HK Collection. It’s a brand I have admired for a few years but for one reason or another, never got round to ordering…until now. After seeing them at Maison Objet in Paris, I was once again drawn in by the wonderful aromas, story behind the brand and packaging. I came away with some lovely little samples, which I’m still using now and I have to admit – that convinced me to finally take the plunge and make my first order.

Born out of the imagination of Pascal Bourelly and Philippe Boigeol, 2 friends from Marseille, the story of Compagnie de Provence begins in 1990 when they establish their trading company in the Panier, Marseille’s oldest district. The turning point for the company was in 1999 when Compagnie de Provence became the first brand to reinterpret the traditional cube of Marseille soap and launch its liquid version. Made from vegetable oils as its solid ancestor and crafted in a cauldron following authentic tradition.  Since then, thanks to their expertise and creativity, Compagnie de Provence has constantly been developing products dedicated to your well-being.

Image credit : Gregory Copitet

The image above is of their store in Nice, South of France. I can almost smell all those wonderful fragrances.

You can see more over on our ONLINE SHOP

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This time of year is when I start to look ahead to the summer and look forward to travelling somewhere beautiful – somewhere I’ve never been and somewhere my children will love as much as much as me. I’ve been pinning like crazy over on Pinterest – It’s amazing how excited I get about travelling by looking at those pictures. Here are a few favourites but if you want to see some more follow me on Pinterest HERE

I love the thought of this…but don’t think I’d be brave enough. How about you?

These last two got me thinking about my own dog. I’d love to bring my little Jack Russell along with us. Maybe rent a large caravan – an airstream, like in the top picture would be a dream… And just drive. Go visit all those beautiful lakes and mountains in Austria, Germany, Switzerland…

These pictures remind me how beautiful the world is and I want us to see as as much as we can.

Happy dreaming!



Diamond Lights and some Danish Love!

Image credit : House Chic


image credit : de zeen magazine

Diamond Lights have become sought after in the world of design and can be found in as many homes across Europe as restaurants, bars and shops. They can give your room an industrial chic look but in a subtle way and look great hung singulary, grouped together or as an alternative table lamp.

Designed by Swedish designer, Eric Therner in 2009 – it’s a modern and contemporary take on the classic round shape bulb. It gives off a warm glow and the distinctive diamond shape creates beautiful patterns and shadows on ceilings and walls

Image credit : Pinterest

I first discovered Diamond Lights when I visited a trade fair in Denmark a few years ago.  They were probably the first lights of its kind that I had come across and a trend of bulb lights soon followed but these are probably still my favourites.
Other favourites…
That trip to Denmark also introduced me to Ferm Living and Lucky Boy Sunday. Ferm Living I have stocked in the past and will do so again in the near future and have especially got my eye on the tent above!  However Lucky Boy Sunday, even though has gained such a massive following in recent years,  somehow I have never stocked them. This year, whilst visiting Maison Objet in Paris, I happened to meet up with the ladies behind the brand. After recently taking the reigns back from the distributors, I guess you can say they won me over with their charm and off course the quality of their products and I’m looking forward to placing an order with them soon.
So watch this space all you Lucky Boy Sunday fans out there!