Styling For Kids…

This morning was spent having a long overdue but lovely catch up with my old friend Bettina who some of you may remember I ran Love Me Again with. Well it turns out, she’s been a very busy lady. I have long known her amazing talent for making beautiful scenes in her stylists profession, but this past year has seen her really come into her own and do what she has wanted to do for a very long time – style for kids photo shoots. Check out her latest work, it’s truly stunning.

These images were used on How To Kiss A Frog Stockholm

Aren’t they gorgeous?

I am always so impressed when someone can make something look magical, whether it be a stylist, photographer or designer. They make otherwise ordinary things stand out and scream ‘look at me’.

Watch this space for some collaborations with Bettina in the future!

See you soon


Maison & Objet Paris

We just got back from Paris after visiting the world famous Maison & Objet, the trade fair for home, lifestyle, accessories and toys. In fact all the things we love at Home & Kids. And guess what?…I think you’re going to love what’s heading our way very soon!

Available at Home & Kids from January 2013

Now In Stock!

Now In Stock!

Available at Home & Kids from Mid November 2012

Unfortunately taking photos at the actual exhibition wasn’t permitted…and they meant it. And after hearing some horror stories from some of the exhibitionists, I can’t say I blame them. A couple of very big high street retailers have been known to copy designs from independents, who have developed their own brand of products, have really thought about the quality, design and aesthetics. And before you know it, the same design is being sold at a fraction, and I mean a fraction of the price on the high street. Needless to say there are some big legal battles going on as we speak and 9 times out of 10 the big names win. This is why, for me, it’s so important to support independent designers. They really care about their products and who gets to sell them because they want to protect the integrity of the design. The high streets are already turning into replicas of each other with all the same big retailers all over England. But hopefully with enough of us independent retailers around, we can offer customers variety and something special that you can’t pick up in any high street you go to.

I’ll let you know when these lovely items arrive!


Trade Fair Fever

It’s the aftermath of my visits to London trade fairs, looking for new products to sell at Home & Kids. I was a tiny bit worried that I would go along and see the same old things…but I needn’t have worried!  I came back completely fired up and inspired. Here’s a few of the new additions you can expect to see at H&K very soon.  I’m so excited!

Love, love love!

This was my favourite stand by Helen Gordon

I met up with Helen Gordon who is a personal favourite of mine. Her creativity spills out onto her designs from the fabric used for the dresses and baby outfits to the new framed pictures featuring a very handsome fox and cute owl to her exhibition stand. I have to say that every time I visit her, I’m so impressed with the thought and attention that goes into the display.

Family Tree Wall Hanging

Love this brand! Mon Marcel - Barcelona

I got to practice my Spanish when I met the brains behind Mon Marcel. The designer, from Barcelona was the most charming woman whom I found out afterwards was the former children’s wear designer at Zara.  Can’t wait to work with this great brand who have also just won an award from Junior Magazine! Well done guys or Muy Bien!

these books are such a great idea! Perfect newborn or Christening Gift!

Gorgeous new girls bows and headbands by Verity Jones

My favourite colour of all time!

Anyway, this is just a sneak preview of what’s to come…

See you soon


Bubble – Islington

I’m so excited to be visiting Bubble at Islington’s Business Design Centre.  I go there every year and I’m never disappointed.  Full of the latest kids clothes and accessories designers, I can’t help but be inspired by all the wonderfully talented people who have the passion to create a brand in what is such a competitive market and see it  through to selling it wholesale.  To have your first trade order must be awesome!

I remember when I first started out in retail, back in 2008, I found it a little daunting meeting the people behind the brands that I had researched and discovered on my many research expeditions.  I make it sound like an adventurous voyage of discovery and in some ways it was. In my previous life, before marriage and children, my career background was in city law firms. I left to have my first child and promised to go back to work after each baby came along but after number 4, I finally gave in and realised I probably wouldn’t be going back to that world.  So, in the latter years, before I first opened my shop, all I knew was what I liked and what I had bought for my own children.

It’s fun to experiment and sometimes I take a risk and stock something that’s quite new to the world of kids and lifestyle…and I get it right.  That feels amazing!  But then again sometimes I get it wrong but that’s all part of the fun.

I quickly worked out that what I liked wasn’t necessarily what my customers liked and in the words of Sir Alan Sugar, I have finally learnt to ‘smell what sells and keep buying it’

Home & Kids is entering a new phase and once again I am entering into a bit of the unknown, although I know that it’s right to keep moving and finding new ways to run my business…I will let you know more soon.

But in the meantime Bubble here I come!

See you soon