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Excitingly but completely at odds with HK Collection, my husband and I have opened a bar near where we live. We already own a restaurant in the same parade and when the shop next door came up for let, we couldn’t resist taking it on. The restaurant has already been running for just under two years and to say it has been a whirlwind couple of years would be an understatement! We are incredibly proud of what it has become and really wanted to take everything we had learnt at the restaurant and create something which would compliment it and offer customers a less formal hang out. Somewhere they could go for coffee, breakfast, a quick bite for lunch and in the evening, cocktails and wine with some sharing platters.

After some long and sometimes hard months getting the necessary licences and changes approved, followed by the painstaking job of builders doing what they do, our dream became a reality and we finally opened the doors to Bar Luciano in November 2014.

My husband and I kind of knew the look we wanted to go for but we were always easily swayed when we went on our many ‘research’ outings to other bars. In terms of decor, there are some truly great ones out there and it was very easy to be inspired by the many!

Some of the features, such as the huge lights which are hung by the window (reclaimed from London Bridge Station) the wood pannelling on the front of the bar and a section of the wall (reclaimed from an attic) and large wall hung scales (reclaimed from Billingsgate Fish Market)  were all purchased from Lassco This shop never fails to impress and more often than not, we come away with some kind of treasure. And the staff are so lovely there and always willing to help, which is a massive bonus!

The journey we went through when designing and decorating the space was such a roller coaster it sometimes had us questioning why we had started in the first place. Why did we think we could do this. And successfully?  Especially as we are not interior designers (even if we like to think we are) And what we thought we wanted at the beginning, sometimes didn’t quite work out. It was a steep learning curve but one we are so happy we went on.

In the end, we mostly stayed true to our initial ideas and we are very happy with the end result and it was fun to get ideas from the internet too. My favourite source was Pinterest with its endless pages of inspiration. Here are some of my favourites…

And finally,  our bar…

See you soon


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