Design Families

Interior designers, architects, stylists…these are all professions that I admire, more so because I like good design but also because I love how the people behind these professions have such creative minds and can see the whole picture before anyone else. I thought I’d explore in a little more detail, designers I have followed over the years and how they seem to incorporate their busy family lives with their design profession.

First up are the Novogratz family. You may or may not have heard of them. They’re very well known in America, following the success of their high profile design projects, books and later on TV series based around design duo, Robert and Cortney’s projects as well as the dynamics involved with juggling their 7 children.  They have been called ‘The coolest family in the world’ and I think I might be inclined to agree.

I first found out about them when I purchased their design book Down Town Chic a few years ago. What immediately attracted me was their eye for seeing potential in the most unlikely pieces and incorporating them into the homes of their clients. These could be items salvaged from factories, industrial sites or offices. Items that some of us may not even bat an eyelid to – Robert and Cortney,  however can see out of the box and are not confined to conventionality. This I love!

I’m so pleased I discovered them when I did and have watched as their success has grown from strength to strength.  You can find out more about them, their projects and subsequent books HERE They are surely an inspiration for going for your dreams and aspirations – and if you have children…all the better!

Although the family live in New York, they also have a holiday house in Brazil which is just stunning. Check out the pictures below…


Image credits: Marco Antonio, via Casa.abril

I don’t know about you but these photos make me want to go on holiday there!

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House Doctor DK at HK Collection

The House Doctor collection is probably one of my favourites out there at the moment. When I visited Maison Objet in Paris last month, it seemed to have made quite an impact.  There were so many retail buyers from all over the world on their stand.  And with good cause.  Every product feels like it’s on trend but at the same time feels timeless and as if it could fit in with any decor. As with most Scandinavian brands, their aesthetic is both simple yet stylish and draws you in.  I could have bought absolutely everything I saw, which is no exaggeration…but I had to restrain myself and ordered a carefully curated collection for HK Collection which I hope to build on and expand. The image above shows just some of my favourites which are on their way to us. You can find more on the website.

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