Little Pop Studio

Have you heard of Little Pop Studio?  I only heard of them late last year and immediately knew I had to have their batman watercolour prints for the website. We also happen to be their first UK stockist and we are kind of proud of that title!

I found them via my current favourite social media platform – Instagram I love when I find a gem and just a couple of months later it makes it to my shop. Little Pop Studio is the brainchild of Bianca Acke, a New Zealander and very talented artist who creates these prints. There is definitely a trend for batman/superheros at the moment and these are such a cool take on them.

What do you think? Cool or what! Perfect for any superhero fan whether little or big.  Now available for purchase HERE

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My next project at home is to tackle my bedroom.  We’re lucky enough to have high ceilings and a large enough room that it shouldn’t look too cluttered…but sometimes it does!  It hasn’t been decorated in a few years, and although it’s quite neutral now, I feel it needs to be made a little warmer and as my husband says a ‘little bit of boutique hotel glamour’.

The following images are what are inspiring me at the moment but the end result is probably going to be something that is an accumulation of all things both by husband and I like.

I guess I’m drawn to simple designs. But sometimes simple designs are the hardest to create!

I think you’ll agree the above bedrooms are kind of slick and I will aspire to create something along those lines but you always need to add your own slant on it.

For personal touches, I’m thinking of using this mirror and this jewellery box from our own collection and also love the idea of using this lamp by House Doctor DK.

For bedlinen, I was so happy when Soak & Sleep reached out to me to let me know about their amazing range of bedlinen and bathroom products. They’re about to have a re-brand – formely Duvet & Pillow Warehouse and are currently having the best sale with up to 40% off all their products. So if you’ve ever dreamt of crisp white linens or need an injection of luxury in your bedroom or bathroom – go ahead and take advantage now as the SALE ends 4th March when the brand will move to their new home

Charlie Hunt, Founder and CEO of the brand comments; “We have become famous for fabulous bed & bath products at a fraction of high street prices and quite simply wanted a fantastic new name to match the quality of our product offering. We love Soak & Sleep as its catchy and sums us up perfectly. We have a new logo, a new website and sleek new branding to go with our name change and are really excited for what 2014 holds.”

We wish them luck with their changes. After having our own re-brand earlier on this month – it’s certainly an exciting time ahead!

In the meantime, I’m hopping over to their website -  I have my eye on THESE

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Image credit : Pinterest



This time of year is when I start to look ahead to the summer and look forward to travelling somewhere beautiful – somewhere I’ve never been and somewhere my children will love as much as much as me. I’ve been pinning like crazy over on Pinterest – It’s amazing how excited I get about travelling by looking at those pictures. Here are a few favourites but if you want to see some more follow me on Pinterest HERE

I love the thought of this…but don’t think I’d be brave enough. How about you?

These last two got me thinking about my own dog. I’d love to bring my little Jack Russell along with us. Maybe rent a large caravan – an airstream, like in the top picture would be a dream… And just drive. Go visit all those beautiful lakes and mountains in Austria, Germany, Switzerland…

These pictures remind me how beautiful the world is and I want us to see as as much as we can.

Happy dreaming!



Decorating a Child’s Room

How many times have you poured over images on Pinterest, Instagram or design blogs and felt slightly envious of other peoples beautifully styled kids bedrooms/playrooms/nursery. I admit I am one such person.  The ones I’m most drawn to are the ones where you can actually see items and decor details rather than them be lost in a sea of softs toys, barbies and lego.

These rooms seem to have great storage solutions which is at the basis of having a space which is both clear of clutter and stylish whilst still being child friendly. My favourite kind of storage is usually vintage. Amazing finds from second hand shops, boot fairs or online auctions can do the trick. Sometimes even just one vintage piece can make all the difference and give a room character, whilst mixing it with modern pieces. The following images are from my Pinterest board and sum up exactly where I’m coming from.

The above image shows a vintage locker being used as storage for older children alongside a retro sofa but as you can see by all the paraphernalia around the room – its a room very much used for modern purposes.

This room has the most beautiful antique sleigh bed with a modern side table. They look great together and the little toys, books and accessories just add to the charm.

This room has been decorated in mainly antique furniture and accessories, however the white walls and crib keep the room looking fresh.

Images taken from Pinterest

Vintage chairs and crates, such as in the image above can be the star of the show in a kids room and add depth to an otherwise modern space.

Long gone are the days of matching quilts, curtains and rugs. These days, we are becoming bolder in our choices and experimenting with different looks. This is the only way we can truly find our own unique style.

Check out the SHOP for some inspiration.

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Diamond Lights and some Danish Love!

Image credit : House Chic


image credit : de zeen magazine

Diamond Lights have become sought after in the world of design and can be found in as many homes across Europe as restaurants, bars and shops. They can give your room an industrial chic look but in a subtle way and look great hung singulary, grouped together or as an alternative table lamp.

Designed by Swedish designer, Eric Therner in 2009 – it’s a modern and contemporary take on the classic round shape bulb. It gives off a warm glow and the distinctive diamond shape creates beautiful patterns and shadows on ceilings and walls

Image credit : Pinterest

I first discovered Diamond Lights when I visited a trade fair in Denmark a few years ago.  They were probably the first lights of its kind that I had come across and a trend of bulb lights soon followed but these are probably still my favourites.
Other favourites…
That trip to Denmark also introduced me to Ferm Living and Lucky Boy Sunday. Ferm Living I have stocked in the past and will do so again in the near future and have especially got my eye on the tent above!  However Lucky Boy Sunday, even though has gained such a massive following in recent years,  somehow I have never stocked them. This year, whilst visiting Maison Objet in Paris, I happened to meet up with the ladies behind the brand. After recently taking the reigns back from the distributors, I guess you can say they won me over with their charm and off course the quality of their products and I’m looking forward to placing an order with them soon.
So watch this space all you Lucky Boy Sunday fans out there!