Happy Birthday Cath Kidston!

I’m not a shabby chic type of girl really but when it comes to Cath Kidston, I turn into one. Whenever I walk into one of the many stores dotted round the London I am completely drawn in at every corner thinking ‘I really need that and that…and that.’  This is one of the secrets to a successful business. An environment which captures imagination and makes people happy and want to have little bit of the lifestyle which is represented by a particular brand.

This is something Cath Kidston has done so well over the years. A business which was born out of a eureka moment in the 1990′s when Cath saw a floral, traditional design used in a contemporary way on the side of a bath tub.  From this vision, a whole stream of ideas followed on, which kick started what is now an iconic and worldwide brand.

The first Cath Kidston shop was in Notting Hill and opened its doors in 1993. With an ‘office’ in its basement, this is where Cath brought the brand to life.

I can totally relate to the excitement and determination of branching out on your own, owning Home & Kids for 4 years, after running Love Me Again for the previous 3 years – I have experienced the highs and lows associated with running your own business and am lucky enough to be at a stage where I’m enjoying what I’m doing right now.

To mark 20 years in business, Cath Kidston’s new book, Coming Up Roses is all about the excitement of setting up a new business and creating an inspirational work space. In an age where we are surrounded with news of doom and gloom in the economy, it’s more important than ever to give people the encouragement to fulfil their dream of starting their own business – whatever it is. If we live in fear of something not working out, we may just miss out on the next big opportunity.

I love this video  summing up the story!

Coming Up Roses


See you soon


Home & Kids Photo Shoot

We recently had a photo shoot down in sunny (not) Broadstairs. For anyone who is familiar with this coastal town, you’ll know how beautifully unique it is. The quaint shops and streets really do take you back to another time. Full of independent boutiques and shops which are sadly fading from most other towns. It was a little too cold on the day to take advantage of the beach, so we did the shoot in a lovely location – a Victorian house which had the perfect light and airy feel needed to produce some amazing photos by Malin Ngoie which were styled by the very talented Bettina Vetter. Bettina added the sparkle and style which made the photos that extra bit special. She has a keen eye for aesthetics and understood the whole concept from start to finish. You can see more of her work over at Bon Bon Kids. By the way the owner of the house Hester,  just so happens to be a very talented make up and hair stylist and was brilliant on the day at both hair/makeup and hosting for my huge family! – you can read more about her over on her BLOG

Carlo & Jaan



(Please note : these are not the end products and are screen shot images taken from the contact sheet.)

These are just some teasers – Wait until you see the rest!

All the children featured in the photo shoot are my own children, nephews and nieces – and in case my lovely sister, sister in law and brothers in law are reading – THANK YOU!

Unfortunately, my second daughter, Francesca couldn’t take part as the night before she had a sleepover with her friends after going to the Olly Murs concert. As we had to head off very early the next morning – she couldn’t come along, so that was a bummer! I have, however promised Francesca we will do another one again very soon!

We were also honoured to have Sarah Gardner, editor of the beautiful online magazine Beyond The Camera be part of the day as she has an upcoming feature on what goes on behind a photo shoot  and we can’t wait to be featured!

See you soon