A Little Bit of Kitsch…

Do you love kitsch style toys and accessories? If so, these are proabably some of the best designs around at the moment.

We have a small quantity in the shop and I think they’re the cutest! In case you’re wondering, the cushions pictured in the background are by La Cerise Sur Le Gateau. You can see more HERE!

And these Lapin & Me Lamps which promptly sold out at the shop over the Christmas period are perfect examples of kitsch at its best. I was secretly hoping one would be left over for me to take home but this little fellow was incredibly popular!

I always think the Danish lifestyle brand Rice gets inspirations from kitsch design. Their products are always so colourful and retro at the same time. In fact don’t we all need a little bit of Rice in our lives – especially at this time of year when it’s so cold and grey.

You can see more Rice products HERE!

See you soon