Christmas Music To Share…

In case you wanted some Christmas music that wasn’t the usual Slade or Cliff Richards etc…not that there’s anything wrong with them but just in case you wanted to hear something new… ‘Hey, It’s Christmas‘  is just for you. It’s an annual compilation of songs covered by relatively unknown singers from the USA.

I first heard of the ‘Hey, It’s Christmas‘ compilations from one of my favourite blogs Love Taza and just love the alternative vibe you get from the familiar songs we know or maybe not know so well. Enjoy!

Go ahead and listen or download them HERE. It’s free!

See you soon


StickyGram Love

Have you heard of StickyGram? I think they’re one of my favourite ideas that have been spawned from Instagram.  I’m possibly a little obsessed with Instagram. I love the snapshots of life that can sometimes speak a thousand words…and the effects…don’t get me started – Just love it.

StickyGram have come up with the brilliant idea of producing little magnets, the size of the Instagram photos on your iPhone. They come in a sheet of 9 and are just fun little tangible reminders that bring those little pictures to life and out of the online world that so many of our photos seem to live in these days. The concept is so simple yet so effective that it leaves me wondering why I didn’t think of it!

We’re so happy that Home & Kids are affiliated with StickyGram and you can purchase your very own little magnets right HERE

We’ve got some at home and we love them! They’re on our fridge and know we’ll get loads more and cover the whole door.

And…look who else loves them. Only my absolute favourite band in the WHOLE WORLD!!!

So go on, join the army of StickyGram fans. You’ll love them…Promise!

Oh and in case you’re wondering, you can follow us on Instagram HERE

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