Maison & Objet Paris

We just got back from Paris after visiting the world famous Maison & Objet, the trade fair for home, lifestyle, accessories and toys. In fact all the things we love at Home & Kids. And guess what?…I think you’re going to love what’s heading our way very soon!

Available at Home & Kids from January 2013

Now In Stock!

Now In Stock!

Available at Home & Kids from Mid November 2012

Unfortunately taking photos at the actual exhibition wasn’t permitted…and they meant it. And after hearing some horror stories from some of the exhibitionists, I can’t say I blame them. A couple of very big high street retailers have been known to copy designs from independents, who have developed their own brand of products, have really thought about the quality, design and aesthetics. And before you know it, the same design is being sold at a fraction, and I mean a fraction of the price on the high street. Needless to say there are some big legal battles going on as we speak and 9 times out of 10 the big names win. This is why, for me, it’s so important to support independent designers. They really care about their products and who gets to sell them because they want to protect the integrity of the design. The high streets are already turning into replicas of each other with all the same big retailers all over England. But hopefully with enough of us independent retailers around, we can offer customers variety and something special that you can’t pick up in any high street you go to.

I’ll let you know when these lovely items arrive!


Japanese Paper Balloons

I’m so in love with the Petra Boase Japanese paper balloons. I’ve admired them for a while now and have finally ordered LOADS for the shop and it seems like you all like them too. Perfect for parties but equally perfect for kids decor -hung in groups like in the picture. They’re great if, like me you don’t have a lot of puff… in a couple of seconds you’ve got an instant fully blown paper balloon. Then when you want to take them down you just pat them flat. Easy peasy!

If you’d like to buy one or more go HERE

See you soon