Lollibop 2012

At Home & Kids, we’ve have just finished our first full on three day festival – Lollibop in Regents Park.  We’re exhausted but so pleased we did it.  We met some great people, saw some amazing sights, and had loads of fun. From a traders point of view, we were so impressed with the whole organisation and how smoothly everything seemed to run. All the staff and events co-ordinators were professional and always willing to help.  Visitors to the event seemed to really enjoy themselves too, hampered only I suppose by the weather. Not that it was raining, but it was soooo hot (we’re never happy!) and if people could melt to the ground, they would have done.  Which as you can imagine is not much fun when you’ve got kids in tow. But thankfully they’re weren’t any horribly long queues and there was lots of shade to retreat to when it all got too much.  We were lucky enough to have our stand in front of Optimus Prime.  Which for any Transformers fan, was an amazing sight.  We were also in full view of one of the stages and saw countless perfomances from Mr Maker, Waybaloo, The Gruffalo, Dick & Dom and Horrible Histories.  I have to hand it to those guys…they did so well to perform as if it was their first performance each time and if the heat from the sun wasn’t enough, they also had to deal with the heat from the stage lights.  And with full costumes. So well done guys! Below are a few photos I took courtesy of Instagram.  I wish I had taken more…


We had some cool stands around us, including Tell Tails who as you can see make animal tails for children and adults. They were very popular and I even bought a pink panther tail for Sofia!

I actually squealed when I saw the crowds coming through the gates on the first morning! They were literally running in as they saw the stage with Mr Maker waiting to greet them!

This robot had to be the star of the event!  He had such a huge following with children and adults crowding around him while he performed and played little jokes on people.  And when he finished each session, crowds would follow him like the Pied Piper!

These giant horse were magnificent! Such elegance and ease.

The Queen of Hearts was also great. People were queuing up to have photos taken with her and she wasn’t a bit scary!

Optimus Prime was a mean beast of a truck and it was parked right in front of us.  This photo was taken as we were setting up as I knew I wouldn’t get a chance later. The crowds loved it and couldn’t wait to get near it.

Can’t wait for Lollibop 2013!

See you soon


Back To School!

Can you believe we’re already fast approaching the start of the school term?  I usually can’t wait for it to come around, the days dragging by…but not this year!  With a holiday in Italy, swiftly followed by two weeks of full on Olympic events (watching, not competing), lots of entertaining, a baby fair in Norwich, a three day festival in London, madly trying to fit time to go into the shop (thank you staff!) oh an spend time with the kids and husband…these last 6 weeks have sped by. And I’m panicking because I still have to get uniforms and shoes. I’m thinking of going HERE for my 5  years olds shoes. I’m always on the hunt for alternative children’s shoe shops.  And Gently Elephant in Brockley looks like such a cute little shop!

Over at Home & Kids we have some super cool back packs coming in. What do you think? I love them and can’t wait until they arrive.

And we have some more super cool neon mini micro scooters with some accessories including, after many requests, the helmets.  So your super fast little people can be safe on their journey to school!  Because we know how fast they go right?

See you soon



Cupcakes & Gyms


There seems to be something of a phenomenon for cupcakes and even though I’m partial to one myself from time to time, I do find them a bit too much – if you know what I mean. I usually leave half because there’s too much icing or take the icing off all together, which somehow defeats the object as so much goes into creating the lovely designs on top of the cakes.  So when I heard about Mychelle’s Baketique, the American couture cupcakery in London, I knew it was something that would definitely appeal to me.  They have a new range of bite size mini cupcakes.  They’re just 50-90 calories each despite being ‘loaded’ with oozing centres, making them some of the lowest calorie cupcakes in London.

I don’t know about you but I think they look so delicious…can’t believe they’re bite size!

Go HERE for more information.


Pre & Post Natal Gym in South London

And for all you mums out there who really want to go to the gym but can’t manage during the day because childcare is an issue – here’s the ANSWER.  I know I certainly felt that way when I had just had a baby. And by the time the evening came along, I was so tired, the gym was the last place I wanted to go.  The beauty of Vern Hill Personal Training (VH-PT) is that you can bring your baby along.

Unlike traditional gyms with their austere backdrops, unflattering strip lighting, grubby showers and over-used equipment, VH-PT offers the very best in fitness apparatus, a stylish yet practical interior with a luxury shower and changing area. And unlike other gyms there is also a secure children’s play area that includes a drawing wall, comfortable sofas and a flat screen TV with a library of DVD’s to keep the little ones happy.

The first of its kind,  I only wish it was around years ago! Go HERE for more information.

See you soon