Lotte Loves…

Lotte Loves is the brainchild of South East London mum, Sigi. Lotte is her adorable daughter and inspiration behind these bold and fun wall stickers.  I’m a great fan of wall stickers anyway, they can instantly change the feel of a room and update the decor without too much effort.  So when I first saw these, I knew I wanted to stock them at Home & Kids and share them with my lovely customers.

Don’t you think they look great?  I love them so much, I’ve even put some up on the shop wall.

If you are interested in purchasing some, go here.

With Sigi’s creative flair and vision, coupled with the business and organisational brains of Lotte’s daddy, together they came up with Lottes Loves.  They also manage to make and package them all in the UK, so for me it’s another reason to love them!

Anyone who visits the shop, will know my other wall sticker loves, go here and here to see more.  Am I a bit of a fanatatic?

See you soon.



Have you heard of Pinterest?  I’ve had an account with them for a while but have only recently started using it regularly.  It’s kind of an online pin board where you can upload pictures you find online or indeed your own, which inspire or interest you.

Above are a pictures I love, some are originally from other pinterest users which I have repinned, some are online discoveries and some are by me.  Often I will refer to them when I’m looking for ideas or inspiration and other times I pin them just because…

Below are pictures from my board named Outdoors.  These stunning scenes look perfect.  I look at them and dream…

Why don’t you give it a go, get pinning, you’ll love it!

See you soon



Shop Life Lately According to Instagram

For those of you who haven’t visited the shop this week, we have a lovely guest appearance in the form of a POP UP SHOP.  Bert & Betty is a gorgeous shop specialising in all the latest must haves in kitchenware.  They are based in Greenwich but for a limited time a selection of their best sellers will be available at H&K.

Pop by and have a look – you might just find what you’re looking for!

We recently held pop in pottery sessions at the shop, so little ones could make a fantastic gift for Mother’s Day.  Unfortunately I forgot to take lots of pictures as I promised  myself I would, however I did manage to take two.  We’ve had lots of people asking if we can make this a regular event…the answer is I’m not sure.  We can certainly arrange to have sessions in the run up to special occasions and will keep you updated for the next dates.

 A big thank you to Pottery on The Go for providing all the pottery, glazing and firing it all.  They looked great!  In the meantime if you fancy trying your hand at some creative pottery painting, you can do this at Rhubarb & Custard

See you soon


footnote ; discount cards are not available for use against any Bert & Betty products.

Micro Scooters

We have just had our first delivery of neon micro scooters and they are super cool!

We’ve stocked the pink and blue micro scooters for a whiIe now and have to say that these neon ones bring such a sense of zest to the shop – perfect for Spring and Summer.

I cannot praise these little scooters enough, or maybe I should say I cannot praise the creators enough.  I have so much admiration for people who come up with an idea or invention and it takes off.  I had a customer come into the shop this week  and tell me about a book called ‘The Tipping Point’.  She explained that it was great for reading about past inventions which start off as simple ideas and all of a sudden they just take off on a grand scale.  I’ve often wondered about how that happens.  At the shop we are lucky enough to stock some lovely things from local creators who make things as good as some of the big names out there but they struggle to be seen or gain recognition.  I will be looking out for this book as it sounds so interesting.  The creators of micro scooters must have had a tipping point.  These scooters are everywhere and they make journeys out with small children so much easier.  There comes a point where little ones want the freedom of riding but a bike is just a bit too slow at the beginning.  The micro scooter requires just a few minutes practice and before you know it you’ll have a super fast kid on your hands.  True it can be nerve wrecking when they go a bit too fast but somehow they manage to control the scooter very well and very quickly.  It’s quite a different riding experience to ‘normal’ scooters with two wheels at the front and one at the back and the unique suspension. Somehow they just get it.

Unfortunately we’re not authorised to sell them online, so pop by the shop if you’d like to see one.

See you soon


PS, if you have a discount loyalty card, you could really take advantage and make some great savings.  15% off anything over £25.00.

Independents’ Day 2012

Click here to find out more

The countdown to Independents’ Day 2012 has begun! Skillsmart Retail and the National Skills Academy for Retail are once again teaming up with local retailers across the country on 4th July to celebrate the independent shops that help to make our towns and cities so special.

The campaign encourages the public to buy at least one item from an independent retailer on the day and celebrate diversity on the high street. But we need your help to spread the word.

As an owner of an independent shop, I can fully appreciate all the challenges that come with running a shop that is always going to be in competition with major stores, supermarkets and the internet.  However I can also appreciate the lovely advantages that come with getting to know my customers, sometimes on a name basis and sometimes just on a recognising their face basis.

Being able to give customers the information and insight they need on purchases is so rewarding, especially when they leave happy that they made the right purchase.  We can give customers ideas on getting a gift that’s just that bit different.  And because we support local talent and creators, we can even share background stories on products and how they came about.  How cool is that!

See you soon


PS, don’t forget, if you are lucky enough to be in possession of one of our discount loyalty cards, you are entitled to 20% OFF ANYTHING OVER £25.00 until 31 March.