A Little Lovely…

I am absolutely loving our new light boxes, night lights and decor accessories by A Little Lovely Company. This company from Netherlands, started by designers, Judith de Ruijter & Nikki Hateley have definitely caught the imagination of all style savvy parents who love to inject a little beauty and design into their homes. “transforming ordinary, everyday home and party decorations into unique pieces with a personal and creative touch”

The light boxes in particular are customer favourites. With the option to personalise the boxes with whatever message you like, makes these such a diverse gift which is suitable for kids and adults alike.

For instance we have one in the shop behind our cafe counter with the message ‘Coffee Is Always A Good Idea’ – something I personally say to myself every morning : )  However customers have bought them as engagement and wedding presents and also as a gift for a child’s birthday. It’s suitable for all occasions.

The mini pear and ice cream night lights are super sweet with little faces, which bring these lights to life!

For more inspired decor accessories for your home – visit our website or our shop!

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Are we going house plant crazy?

I’m the first person to hold up my hands and admit I have been heavily influenced in my own home by the recent revival of the humble house plant. I love them in as many rooms as possible as I feel they add a natural feel to any decor and provide a sanctuary away from craziness of everyday life whatever your interior tastes are. They look just as amazing in neutral or monochrome interiors as they do in more traditional styles.

If I’m perfectly honest they remind me of my own South American background where rich foliage are evident in all situations from the houses to the streets, in shops or adding a bit of interest to boring old banks and offices to the mini jungle style parks…



Which brings me to the recent interior craze of hanging plants, more specifically string plant holders. There are so many varieties available these days and the more creative of you out there are even crocheting or knotting or more specifically macrame (ing) your own!  If this is your kind of thing I found some tutorials HERE  But for those of you like me who are not very creative with your hands you can buy them online HERE

To give you some inspiration of how effective they can look in your home take a look at these pictures taken from PINTEREST

If you love these as much as I do you can find some more inspiration on Pinterest or take a look on our website

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Pray4Trax Animal Necklaces

For anyone who follows instagram, you may have come across @mrs_paulie and like me you may have admired what she has achieved in the name of a little boy called Trax who suffers with Cystic Fibrosis. Paulina and Trax’s family haven’t actually met in real life (Paulina and her family live in Australia and Trax and his family live in USA) – just over social media but the fact that so much awareness has been raised since Paulina started making the necklaces with proceeds of all sales going towards the medical costs of Trax is nothing to be sniffed at.

We recently became the first UK stockist of these necklaces and you can purchase them HERE So not only will you receive one of the most coveted animal necklaces around but you will be helping towards all the good work going towards much needed research into Cystic Fibrosis.

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Flower Mad

If you follow me on instagram you will see that I have gone slightly flower mad! Flowers obviously make great photo subjects, the colours, shapes, textures and varying displays which change with the seasons. Call me silly but I never appreciated their true beauty until I attended Emily Quinton’s photography course Her style of photography is very much focused around flowers. The petals, the leaves, when their freshly cut, fully opened or dying. All stages can make beautiful pictures. It just took a little bit of thinking out of the box and seeing things through fresh eyes. – totally inspiring!

After the course, I was excited to use the skills I had learnt and to try and incorporate flowers with food shots which I am doing for our Bar and Restaurant (see previous post) This is very much work in progress but I’m enjoying the challenge!

There are so many incredibly talented food stylists and photographers and I couldn’t believe how difficult it is to create similar shots. I mean it’s food and flowers. They don’t move, they’re the perfect models. How hard can it be? But as I’ve found out, there’s so much to think about. The background, props, lighting and even the story. They can all create a different mood or make you feel a certain way.

Hopefully I’ll be able to show you some more shots as I get more confident in knowing what works and what doesn’t. In the meantime check out my pinterest board for more inspiration.

Image taken from pinterest

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Bar Interiors

Excitingly but completely at odds with HK Collection, my husband and I have opened a bar near where we live. We already own a restaurant in the same parade and when the shop next door came up for let, we couldn’t resist taking it on. The restaurant has already been running for just under two years and to say it has been a whirlwind couple of years would be an understatement! We are incredibly proud of what it has become and really wanted to take everything we had learnt at the restaurant and create something which would compliment it and offer customers a less formal hang out. Somewhere they could go for coffee, breakfast, a quick bite for lunch and in the evening, cocktails and wine with some sharing platters.

After some long and sometimes hard months getting the necessary licences and changes approved, followed by the painstaking job of builders doing what they do, our dream became a reality and we finally opened the doors to Bar Luciano in November 2014.

My husband and I kind of knew the look we wanted to go for but we were always easily swayed when we went on our many ‘research’ outings to other bars. In terms of decor, there are some truly great ones out there and it was very easy to be inspired by the many!

Some of the features, such as the huge lights which are hung by the window (reclaimed from London Bridge Station) the wood pannelling on the front of the bar and a section of the wall (reclaimed from an attic) and large wall hung scales (reclaimed from Billingsgate Fish Market)  were all purchased from Lassco This shop never fails to impress and more often than not, we come away with some kind of treasure. And the staff are so lovely there and always willing to help, which is a massive bonus!

The journey we went through when designing and decorating the space was such a roller coaster it sometimes had us questioning why we had started in the first place. Why did we think we could do this. And successfully?  Especially as we are not interior designers (even if we like to think we are) And what we thought we wanted at the beginning, sometimes didn’t quite work out. It was a steep learning curve but one we are so happy we went on.

In the end, we mostly stayed true to our initial ideas and we are very happy with the end result and it was fun to get ideas from the internet too. My favourite source was Pinterest with its endless pages of inspiration. Here are some of my favourites…

And finally,  our bar…

See you soon